Cool devices

Browsuiam ieri pe net pa pagina celor de la Belkin – producator american chinez (pe ambalaj scrie designed in USA si made in China) de accesorii si device-uri; si am dat peste niste lucrui foarte interesante:

1. Washable Mouse – Endures Spills And Stays Clean

Our Washable Mouse is water-resistant, so it endures spills, and stays clean. Its versatile Scroll Pad lets you scroll vertically and horizontally with one easy touch.

2. Mouse Trap – Carry and Store Your Mouse and Accesories

Mouse Trap unzips to reveal a soft and flexible portable mouse pad for use almost anywhere.

3. Wireless Network USB Hub -Share Printers and Access Your Media Wirelessly

The Hub simulates a direct USB connection that makes your computer think that the devices on the network are directly attached to the computer. Special caching techniques allow for support of high-speed USB devices and isochronous transfers at full speed. The software also allows you to easily transfer control of USB devices on the Hub between computers.


5 Responses to “Cool devices”

  1. 1 Florin December 14, 2007 at 10:56 am

    Al treilea device e chiar tare. De mult trebua sa existe asa ceva pe piata. Adio dureri de cap.
    Celelale 2 IMHO sunt inutile. La pretul de azi al unui mouse, daca l-ai udat, l-ai aruncat si de banii de tzigari i-ti iei altu nou. Daca tocmai ti-ai udat Logitech-ul G7, well… you are f***ed. Un asemenea mouse ar merita sa fie waterproof, iar daca ar fi si idiotproof ar fi bestial (mi-as lua si eu unul).

  2. 2 Florin December 14, 2007 at 11:00 am

    daca pe asta nu o fac waterproof…. cineva o sa le puna bomba in sediu.

  3. 3 thcgirl77 December 14, 2007 at 11:26 am

    ar trebui sa`i iau la prietenul meu un mouse din ala lavabil. mouse`ul si tastatura sa sunt asa murdare ca poti face hepatita daca lucrezi cu ele si mananci apoi. plus ca au atatea firimituri ca poti hrani o ferma de gaini.

  4. 4 superbullus December 18, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    defapt aveai dreptate la inceput: ” Belkin, a privately held company founded in California in 1983, is the recognized global leader in connectivity solutions. Since our inception, Belkin has experienced an amazing 20-plus consecutive years of dramatic growth.” asta e de la ei din site. 🙂

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