22 Peculiar Names for Groups of Animals

sursa: How Stuff Works

Denumiri ciudate pentru grupuri de animale (in limba enlgeza):
1. A shrewdness of apes
2. A battery of barracudas
3. A kaleidoscope of butterflies
4. A quiver of cobras
5. A murder of crows
6. A convocation of eagles
7. A charm of finches
8. A skulk of foxes
9. A troubling of goldfish
10. A smack of jellyfish
11. A mob of kangaroos
12. An exaltation of larks
13. A troop of monkeys
14. A parliament of owls
15. An ostentation of peacocks
16. A rookery of penguins
17. A prickle of porcupines
18. An unkindness of ravens
19. A shiver of sharks
20. A pod of whales
21. A descent of woodpeckers
22. A zeal of zebras


2 Responses to “22 Peculiar Names for Groups of Animals”

  1. 1 thcgirl77 February 26, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    a murder of crows apare in The Simpsons, cand homer devine prietenul ciorilor si se duce la moe`s tavern cu ciori pe maini si umeri si ii zice moe ” do you think this is a crow bar??, i`ll show you a crow bar!!” si scoate de sub tejghea un tablou cu niste ciori la un bar band bere si zice “this is a crow bar, it has little stools for crows, and little cups so they can drink beer” stii dar toti se asteptau sa`i scoata o ranga si sa`i dea in cap la homer lol.
    si apoi in pat homer zice “a murder of crows” , apoi i se face frica de ciori. fain episod.

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